Welcome to Cafuné

The brazilian coffeshop in Paris

It all started when...

myself and my soon to be wife decided to do a round the world tour. This was our honeymoon trip.

We have already discovered the world of specialty coffee, but during the months that we traveled, we experiencied so many different coffees and places that we decided to create our own.

We are Brazilians who felt in love with France and live in Paris since 2011. So the obivous choice for us was Cafuné, the franco brazilian specialty coffee in Paris.


“The best cheese bread in Paris”

A very know specialty from Brazil that you can finaly try in paris. You’ll become addicted to them. Lucky you, we have them coming out of our oven all day long.


Healthy, gluten free and delicious tapiocas

Be surprised by our tapioca. Crunshy and healthy this brazilian plate will surprise you! Try it a classic brazilian one or with a french touch