About Cafuné


A couple born and raised in Rio de Janeiro...

Highschool sweethearts, we came to France in 2011 to continue our studies. We felt in love with France and made it our "home sweet home", but never forgetting all the good memories from our beloved country. And if bringing the Ipanema beach to Paris is impossible, baking our childhood favorites is not!

And this is how Cafuné was born and we started a new adventure and mission:

Share these memories - most about food 😆 - and make our customers travel to Brazil without leaving Paris, offering a glimpse of the carioca lifestyle and preparing delicious Brazilian food with a French touch.

And of course, offer a delicious and high quality coffee :)

Do you know what CAFUNÉ means?

This Portuguese word doesn't have a direct translation in any other language and it's one of the reasons we love it.

Cafuné is the affective gesture of passing your fingers through someone's hair. But is even more than this:

It's showing love, affection towards our family, loved ones and also our dear customers.